Representative APR 54.5%.

Loan term lengths from 3 to 36 months. Representative example: £1000 borrow for 12 months. A monthly payment of: £104.65. Total cost of credit:£255.80 based on an APR of: 54.5%.That's a total of: £1,255.80. Rates range from 54.5% to 1294%. The APR will depend on your financial circumstances and loan amount will be subject to lender’s approval. Lenders will perform a soft search to confirm your viability for a loan. If you accept an offer a hard credit search will be made by the lender. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to Pales Tine Payday Loans is a broker and not a lender and does not make credit decisions.

Short term loans

Find the best short term loan

Finding the best short term loan can be quite a minefield because there’s so many different options out there it’s hard to trust and know exactly which one’s going to be the best for you. With over 500 different short term loan lending methods, fast loans with no guarantor for example, for such a small amount of money it’s hard to know exactly which one is going to offer you the very best going forward.

One great way to work out the best short term loan is to take a lot of loan applications online with both credit brokers and direct lenders. Once they receive your application for a quick online loan you will probably get back a list of decisions. The best thing that you can do is put that whole list into a spreadsheet and then you’ll be able to work out which ones are offering the best interest and flexibility of the payments. This is a great way of ensuring that you can get the very best deal on a short term loan, especially if you have bad credit and want a payday loan.

One other way that you can get a great deal on a short-term loan is to deal with directly with credit brokers and they can put your application in front of a huge number of lenders and it’ll normally be a same day loan. These panel of lenders will have their own offer for your loan and will probably result in the interest rate being very reasonable.

What advantages are there to short term loans

One of the advantages to short term loans are that you can get funding really quickly. We often get caught short and a little bit of money before payday. One of those ways in which we can get by is a fast loan today.

We can repay a short term loan very quickly. We can set our repayment schedule from 3 to 12 months on the loan. If we decide to pay in just three months it is quite likely that our interest payment will be smaller overall. The reason for that is because when we only borrow money such a short period of time, the interest accrued is less which will be helpful for a quick loan with bad credit that is going to be high interest, and probably not an instant cash loan either due to the credit history.


We are here to help you get the best deal on a loan without a full credit check first

Did you know we get your details put in front of a panel of lenders that are ready to receive your application. There are as many as 50 lenders capable of making loan decisions for between £50 to £2500.

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Short term loans are easy to apply for

We can apply for a short term loan really easily. All we need to do is simply go online and submit the application to as many different lenders and credit brokers as we like. Please note there will be a credit check for any payday loan. If we want to spend a week sending out applications to different credit brokers and lenders then we’ll be able to send more than a hundred different applications to different companies. The more UK cash loan lenders we engage, the chances of getting a good offer if we do that will no doubt be considerably improved by numbers

Short term loans have high approval rates

Short term loans in the UK have high approval rates because they’re designed for people with low credit ratings. The only thing is poor your credit ratings normally mean higher interest rates. So bare that in mind when you’re applying for a quick loan from a UK lender.

One of the ways in which you can reduce the cost of a loan is payback quickly. This will help you to reduce the interest rate and probably improve your credit options in the future.

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